2021 GRIDIRON GLORY- Young Man of Faith: Munford standout uses football as platform to share his testimony


By Thomas Sellers Jr.
His testimony grows stronger and stronger with each carry, yard gained and game won.
But incoming Munford Cougar senior Auvic White said his story of redemption and perseverance increases in strength sharing the journey with his coaches, teammates and those God sent in his path.
“Any time I talk about what I’ve been through, I could talk about that all day, it was never about what I’ve been through,” White said. “It was about where God is taking me. God used all my adversity to mold me into the young man He wants me to be today. So far all the ways I’ve been handling my accomplishments and accolades has been giving all the glory to Him. That’s what I want to continue to do.”
The Memphis native moved to Tipton County when he was 8 years old with is mother Victoria. The pair faced the challenge of operating a household without Auvic’s father. Victoria invested in her son’s future with Auvic’s education and exploring athletics.
Auvic hit the gridiron in middle school and blossomed into a premiere running back. Last season, with the global pandemic shortening the schedule, White rushed for 1,063 yards on 187 carries. Munford won the Region 8-5A title and reached the playoffs.
“I am the same man I am on the field as I am off,” he said. “I continue to help people and I lead by example. I am a vocal leader when I need to be.
“I give all the glory to God because none of this wold happen without him,” White added. “I wouldn’t be able to rush for as many yards as I have if I didn’t have them. I am grateful for them and I love those guys. They are a blessing to have.”
Another blessing during White’s tenure at Munford has been the upperclassmen on the depth chart at running back. Rushers Noah Robertson and Traveon Hawkins racked up All-Region honors, All-Star appearances and college scholarships in front of White.
During his junior campaign White shared the backfield with Hawkins and still hit the 1,000-yard milestone.
“Having other great running back here definitely helped me to be humble and make my patience grow more,” White said. “They help me to become the running back I am now. They helped me with drills, competing. I am grateful to have running backs like Traveon Hawkins and Noah Robertson come through here.”
White wants to be the next Cougar running back to reach college, but he doesn’t have a desired location. His goal is to expand his platform to share the Word and give his testimony — not just be a football player.
“I get ask that a lot too, but I am whoever God says I am,” he explained. “I’m not going to let any other human limit my future. If my calling is to be a preacher and football player, or just a preacher rather than a football player, I just want to be whatever God wants me to be.”
White said growing up in a fatherless home used to motivate him to do his best in all endeavors. But he has matured to realize all the blessing around him through the years.
Now he is driven to let his good outweigh his bad and honor the Higher Power that has been there since day one.
“It’s important to have that male leadership in your life,” he said. “The leader I am today is because of God. Having (my father) in life would have made it much easier just seeing what he does would have helped me mature and grow into a better man.
“I would have seen how to be a leader instead of having to watch other people’s fathers,” White concluded. “It was my coaches too. But it has also been a positive in my life not having my father because I had to lean on God even more. That’s who you want to have in your life more than anybody.”