Commission approves Site Plan, Final Plat for Kelsey Pointe commercial subdivision


By Bill Short

The Millington Planning Commission has approved a Site Plan and Final Plat submitted for construction of the Kelsey Pointe commercial subdivision.

Commission members took the actions on separate motions during their Sept. 20 regular monthly meeting.

Each motion was passed by six affirmative votes, with Chairman Chuck Hurt Jr. recusing himself, because he represents “both the buyer and the seller.”

Charles Goforth, planning consultant for the city, said the 2.84-acre subdivision will consist of two lots in the southeast corner of the intersection of Raleigh-Millington and Pleasant Ridge roads. 

He noted that Lot 1 will be 1.56 acres, and Lot 2, with frontage on Pleasant Ridge, will be 1.16 acres.

Goforth said a convenience store with four gasoline pumps will be constructed on the first lot right at the corner.

He noted that Raleigh-Millington has curbs and gutters but no sidewalk. Pleasant Ridge must be widened and improved with curbs, gutters and sidewalk.

Goforth said a water line extension will be required along Raleigh-Millington. To provide sewer service for Lot 1, a small sewer extension must be constructed from the rear of the subdivision to the south.

“There is substantial drainage on this lot,” he acknowledged, “and stormwater is a major concern in this area.”

Goforth said a stormwater detention basin will be constructed on Lot 2, and it has been designed to serve both lots.

He noted that the 6,000-square-foot building will be brick and stone on all four sides, with the convenience store located on the west side of Lot 1. And there will be two potential lease spaces on the other end of the building.

Goforth said a “joint driveway” will be constructed on the Pleasant Ridge side to serve both lots. And a new driveway will be located on Raleigh-Millington to serve the convenience store.

Because the subdivision is adjacent to a residential area, Goforth acknowledged that it has some additional requirements that are not typically present for businesses.

There must be a 40-foot setback from the residential area. A 15-foot-tall landscape screen will be installed and a 6-foot-tall wooden fence constructed all along the “back line.”

Because Lot 1 is “fairly high” and Lot 2 “pretty low,” Goforth said there is a significant difference in the elevations. So, some grading will be necessary.

He also said some improvements will be needed to the corner to update the handicapped-accessible ramp to meet the current standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The commission approved the Site Plan with the following conditions:

(1) Separate water taps will be needed for the building, fire protection and irrigation systems.

(2) There will be a development contract on this site, and the construction bond will be set at the engineer’s estimate of $181,389, plus 6-percent inflation, and $650 per lot for street lights. The total bond will be $193,572. 

The Final Plat was approved with the following conditions:

(1) The areas of dedication on Pleasant Ridge Road must be clearly delineated.

(2) Certificates must be provided on the plat regarding accuracy on storm drainage, approval of the water and sewer lines and drainage system, the water and sewerage systems, streets and utilities and a mortgagee certificate if there is a mortgage. 


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