Giving of Yourself


By David Peel

In an online world, full of photo-shopped and filtered photographs of seemingly perfect couples and ideal families, people crave authenticity.

But being real makes you vulnerable. But it also makes you knowable. 

And people appreciate knowing another human being. In this day and age of answer bots, robot phone calls about your car warranty, and increasing technology, humanity is precious. And rare. 

One exception to all this may be Twitter. It allows connection. Never before have we lived in a time where you could be a customer of a product and send out a message that the CEO of the product may see in real time.

Electric car maker Tesla has loyal customers who are constantly sending in suggestions to its CEO Elon musk. In a surprising number of tweets Elon has personally acknowledged receipt and often made the change that very day that was requested. 

We live in a new and different world. Imagine trying to write to Henry Ford back in the day about your 1937 pick-up truck.  

However, most companies still fill their website with empty platitudes and do not use social media to get to know their clients or to allow the client to get to know them. 

Maybe that’s part of the reason why clients seem to feel so comfortable sitting down with me and petting CrashtheLawDog. Because the one thing that brings out humanity and truly appreciate it more than any other, is man’s best friend.

To give of yourself requires at least one of the following, if not all three: 


Talent and Treasure.

Helping others is our calling… as real people. 

Peel seeks justice for those injured in tractor trailer and car accidents, medical malpractice, and disability. He often addresses churches, clubs and groups without charge. Peel may be reached through wherein other articles may be accessed.