Steel beams are rising toward the Millington sky off Navy Road. Back in February the Patel family, owners of the Millington Liquor Store announced plans for a combination gas station and liquor store at that former longtime location of 5077 Navy Road. Millington Liquor Store Owner Bharatbi Patel gave the green light and got the wheels in motion toward a new mega complex being built on the former site of the business. 

His son Mitesh gave an outline of how the future home of Millington Liquor Store will look.  “The buildings were old — well one of them,” Mitesh noted. “We decided to tear it down and rebuild it. Push back so we’ll have a lot of parking. We’re going to have gas pumps. We’re going to cook food in the convenience store/gas station part. We’re going to have a drive-thru for the liquor and tobacco stores. 

“Everybody in Millington is spending money on Highway 51,” he added. “Nobody is making any kind of improvements on Navy Road. We’re the first business investing money onto Navy Road. The building will be nice and beautiful. It’s going to be about 25 feet tall. It will be noticeable.”

The new Millington Liquors will feature new amenities, more space, improved parking and give Navy Road a visual boost. According to the construction crew, the project should take about 9 months. The current location of Millington Liquor Store is 5016 Navy Road. For more information about Millington Liquor Store, call 873-0063.