Hale of a Family: With Millington roots, daughter recognizes tradition of service and involvement in youth sports


By William Bruce Hale

In 1996, the tradition started in Atoka. Brandi Hale started playing softball in the 6U league of the Atoka girls’ softball. 

Her dad the late Brian Hale and her mom Nina, became a big part of the management behind the scene. Brandi played for 10 years, played on numerous All Star Teams. 

She was on the teams that won many State Tournaments and played in two World Series. Brandi said those were the best days of her life.

Spring forward 25 years. Brandi married Ryan DeVaughn and has four children; Paisley is the oldest at age 6. It was time for her to play in the 6U league, just like her mom. She has played all summer long. She was picked to play on the Atoka All Star team, just like her mom. The team took second place in the State held in Atoka. They were headed to the World Series, in Pascagoula, Mississippi. They played this summer and took second place in the World Series. Congratulations Team to the team. Brandi was taught the game by her dad, Brian. He was taught the game by his dad, Walter Hale. Brian and his brothers grew up playing youth baseball in Millington.

Now Paisley is being taught the game by her dad, Ryan. We are now waiting for the next 25 years and the next generation.


 Paisley’s great grandmother, the late Betty Hale gave berth to 10 children and raised them most of their lives in Millington. With her Marine husband Walter, the Hale children were raised in a home with love and discipline. 


The Hale children, (8 boys and 2 girls), were raised with emphasis on education, current events, spirituality, fellowship, community involvement and respect for the military. As the children grew up, five served in the United States military. And with Veterans’ Day today, Brandi wanted to recognize her relatives who served and say thank you to all those who have worn a uniformed, fought for freedom and are currently on the frontline. 

David Hale- 1986-1989 U.S. Army Spec. Ops.

Michael Louis Hale- 1986-1992 U.S. Army

Walter Bruce Hale- 1978-1991 U.S. Army

Charles Donald Hale 1971-1975 U.S. Air Force

William Allen Hale, Sr.- 1976-1980 U.S. Air Force

Walter D. Hale 1950-1970 U.S. Marine Corps 


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