Salon of Selection: Former convenience store becomes one-stop shop for beauty needs in Millington


By Thomas Sellers Jr.

At the corner of Navy Road and Easley Street stands a structure mostly known in the Millington community as the former 7/11 convenience store.

As of the middle of November 2021… the building at 5190 Navy Road still doesn’t have a new business name but the facility has a new purpose with currently five entrepreneurs operating under the roof.

“A person can get exercise, liposuction, butt enhancements, they can get their locks down and they can actually get their hair done,” Partner Alyssa Bogan said. “We do lashes, we do all of that.”

Joining Bogan in the new business venture are Tracy Clark with her personal trainer operation Kingdom Fitness and Shanika Dowell with Royal Treasures and Beyond. There will be much more. 


Bogan, a native of Covington, might be a familiar face to many in the North Shelby County area after 18 years as a licensed cosmetologist.

“I am here for men and women,” she noted. “I can serve anyone. I had three businesses with my first one being on Jackson Avenue in Memphis (Talk of the Town Beauty & Barber). Then I moved onto Raleigh-Millington which was the Talk of the Town Salon.

“Then we just got this place here,” Bogan continued. “Each one of us has individual businesses here. So right now we don’t have an actual name for the building because we’ve only been here a week.”

A name for the overall operation might come soon but for now the individual businesses are getting the word out about the services they offer. In Bogan’s nearly 20 years of cosmetology, she is a certified hair loss partitioner and is hair restoration certified.

Along with those options for potential customers, there will also be body sculpting and restoration designed to save men’s hair.


High-level training equipment to train the body is at 5190 Navy Road. Getting a haircut and your locks done is an option at the new business. Products like hair growth oil and much more will be available.

Bogan, the wife of Dewan and mother of four, was about to move her business to Texas but she was moved to stay put in the Volunteer State.


“I prayed and asked God for this,” she said. “I was actually selling the building on Raleigh-Millington. As we were selling the building, Shanika actually found the building. She said there’s a building in Millington actually open. So we stopped by and took a look at it. We got the building and it was just God. I was not planning on coming to Millington. By Millington being like home being from Covington, the Tipton County area, this all just felt right.

“I know this is perfect timing,” Bogan concluded. “I was in Corpus Christi looking at a building near the Navy Base. I prayed about it and it was just a coincidence that God gave me a building right down from the Navy Base in Tennessee vs. Corpus Christi where I was going. I was like, ‘God you want me here and now I am here.”

For more information, call 901-359-1602 and contact Clark at 901-825-4922 and contact Dowell at 302-8445.