Back in the Market: Alison’s Alcove brings many levels of treasures to Millington


    By Thomas Sellers Jr.

    Alison’s Alcove owner David Barczak checks on an a recent order coming into his Millington store last week.

    Alison’s Alcove owner David Barczak heads upstairs to the “Man Cave” area of the store.

    After nearly 30 years, Alison’s Alcove made its return to the public June 1.

    For those who attended the grand opening at 4792 Navy Road in Millington two months ago, they were under the impression Alison’s Alcove was a new business venture being introduced by Alison and David Barczak.

    “When we first got married in the ’80s, we didn’t have any children, obviously,” David recalled. “My wife and I started setting up at flea markets at the Fairgrounds. They would have a flea market every weekend and then every third weekend of the month at all three buildings.

    “We would rent a couple of booths and we would call them Alison’s Alcove,” he continued. “In 1990 we started having children — we had four children. So we stopped doing that. Now all our children are grown up or in college.”

    First child Mary is now 29 years old and wrapping up her doctoral degree in special education at Ohio State University. Timothy, 26, followed in her footsteps and is attending OSU as well, earning a doctorate in education finance.

    Matthew, 22, and Andrew, 20, stayed close to home, attending the University of Memphis and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga respectively.

    With the nest empty and David retiring in June 2018, the Barczak household hit a crossroad.

    “After three months of being at home, she informed me she married me for better or worse but not for lunch,” David said. “So I had to go out and find something to do. So this is my retirement job.”

    Alison’s Alcove opened in Millington, offering hundreds of special items that would take most customers down memory lane.

    “Alison’s Alcove is a consignment shop and antique mall,” David noted. “On the front end here we have furniture, consignment jewelry and collectibles. In the back area we have booths where vendors rent the booths and display items for sell, mostly antique and collectible type items.”

    David said the reception has been great in Millington, and business has been better than anticipated. In the front area of the store, there is about 2,000 square feet dedicated mostly to furniture. Then a few feet away in the back area is 7,000 square feet for the vendors, including an upstairs area.

    “Anybody who collects or younger folks who are looking to furnish their home with some nice furniture but can’t afford the brand new stuff normally come here,” David said. “Things that are hard to find, stuff you have to hunt for. If you walk through the store, we have all kinds of things.”

    Another feature at Alison’s Alcove is local art. The store features three new area creators for six weeks. The pieces hang on the wall and are for sale. Other treasure you can find at Alison’s Alcove are glasswork, metal, small furniture pieces, anything that you might remember from your childhood like books and classic albums.

    David has also found something priceless with his new store under a familiar name.

    “It’s been great and I’ve been loving it,” Barczak concluded. “We have some core customers, great vendors and a great staff that helps me with this. It’s a lot of fun. We’re doing well. I’m working probably harder than when I had a real job.”