Grayson’s Area: Seniors enjoy first-time honor in 2020 MCHS Winterfest Court


By Thomas Sellers Jr.
There was going to be a new-look Winterfest Court for Millington Central High School in 2020.
The vision of the MCHS administration and faculty was a court featuring not just a queen but a King, Dutch, Duchess, Lord, Lady, Prince and Princess.
Adding her name to the long list of MCHS Winterfest Queens was senior Delaney Grayson. Nominated by her peers and voted to the crown, Grayson was overwhelmed and honored to be the first female to rule over a full court.
“It’s a very great honor,” she said. “I did not expect to win at all. Both Ahli and I are beautiful and I think we both deserved to win.
“On the day the nominations were said, I was not at school,” Grayson recalled. “When I came back to school everybody was like ‘Delaney you were nominated!’ I don’t really know what to say, out of all the girls at my school and the beautiful people, smart and intelligent people, they decided on me to be Winterfest Queen.”
Grayson’s King was fellow senior Jayden Woodard. The juniors voted to Prince and Princess were Adrian Dowell and Kera “KC” Dent. The sophomores voted to Lord and Lady were Connor Hall and Savanna Spearman. And the freshmen Dutch and Duchess were Jovan Swain and Imani Brock.
The 2020 MCHS Winterfest were made possible by local patrons Anna’s Flower’s & Gifts of Millington, Candice Heriot of Candy Strandz and Yentell Ellis.
Also participating in the court were freshmen Lauren Kate Mayse and Reid Morton; sophomores Lauren Briscoe and Yazeed Morshid; juniors Emoni Watkins and Vesley Percer; and seniors Markees Flowers and Ahli Ishmerai.
Grayson who is a member of the Key Club, Pep Club, AV Productions, Jazz and Chamber Choir, Bridge Builders and Youth Choir at her church said this honor will be boost to her college resume’.
“I plan to enlist in the Air Force,” she said. “But if I don’t pursue that decision, I plan to go to college for accounting.”
But before she starts her post secondary school education, Grayson said she’s going to full embrace the honor she received from her peers Friday night in the William Osteen Gymnasium.
“This moment feels magical,” she concluded. “It’s unreal. I just cannot believe I am Winterfest Queen of MCHS.”