Taking the Stage: Renegade Dance in 2020


By Taliyah Chalmers
The Renegade Dance packed the Millington Performing Arts Center Saturday night.
With parking spilling over to the Millington Central High School  and Millington Municipal Schools lots, the audience enjoyed several dance numbers choreographed by Mandy Hedstrom, Emily Langford and Lexi Hood.
Renegade Dance presented the Fourth Annual National Competitive Ensemble Preview Show. The night began with Bollywood featuring Abrielle Arocha, Adelyn Barton, Sarah Bosworth, Taylor Bryson, Emma Buchanan, Abby Carlisle, Ava Grace Carter, Sara Cooper, Madyson Day, Alexis Garrison, Micah Haimes, McKenzie Ham, Noel Hiner, Lauren Horton, Ava Jackson, Lily Johnson, Lauren Martin, MacKenzie Minton, Noelle Minton, Madelyn Nokes and Sami Taylor.
Other performance before the intermission were Undone (Audrey Horton and Lily Copeland), DIAMONDS (Trinity Smith), What’s Gonna Happen (Sami Taylor), Kill the Lights (Sarah Bosworth, Sara Cooper, McKenzie Ham and Lily Johnson), We Won’t Move (Kendall Carroll, Alexis Garrison, Micah Haimes and Emersyn Wickham), Journey to the Past (Abrielle Arocha), Everything is Temporary (Lauren Horton), Sun (Lily Copeland, Audrey Horton, Sarah Moschitta and Trinity Smith), What Do I Do With My Arms (Lily Johnson), White Flag (Sara Cooper), A Frightful Evening (Adelyn Barton, Taylor Bryson, Ava Jackson, MacKenzie Minton, Noelle Minton and Sami Taylor), Three Friends (Emersyn Wickham, Alexis Garrison and Kendall Carroll), Running (Sarah Bosworth), Translucent Mnds (Audrey Horton), Inner Demons (MacKenzie Minton) Girls Group (Adelyn Barton, Taylor Bryson, Ava Jackson, Lauren Martin, Noelle Minton and Trinity Smith), The Light (Ava Grace Carter and Abrielle Arocha), and Press Conference Rag (Emma Buchanan , Abby Carlisle, Sara Cooper, Lily Copeland, Lauren Horton, Lily Johnson, MacKenzie Minton, Sarah Moschitta and Emily Saigeon.
Once the audience returned to their seats it was time for the second round of performances. The second half of the night began with MOTOWN (Abrielle Arocha, Halle Billings, Kendall Carroll, Ava Grace Carter, Madyson Day, Alexis Garrison, Micha Haimes, Noel Hiner, Hadlee King, Addison Strevel and Emersyn Wickham. The next performances were You Are a Memory (Sarah Bosworth, McKenzie Ham, Audrey Horton, Lauren Horton, Lily Johnson and Emily Saigeon), Save Me (Lily Copeland), Change (Sara Cooper), Home (Adelyn Barton), Help (Lily Johnson and Lauren Horton), You Can (Micah Haimes), Shy (Noelle Minton), Meet the Plastics (Emma Buchanan, Abby Carlisle and Emily Saigeon) and I Like It (Taylor Bryson, Sara Cooper, Audrey Horton and Lily Johnson).
Renegade Dance is located at 7911 Leroy Boatwright Street in Millington. For more information, call 208-7775.