March — Lion or Lamb?


By Dennis Richardson

They say if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb. And vice versa.
Does that pertain only to weather or does it also encompass the health of our country?
I was in Florida when March began. Although we were in central Florida near all the theme parks for a week we did not attend any of them. We had tickets, just a change of minds. Now I am glad that we did.
While we were away deadly tornadoes struck our home town and swept across the state. I would say that is coming “in like a Lion”.
Temperatures were mild, even on the warm side. Is that “lamb” or “lion”?
We just finished the month and again the temperatures were warm and mostly sunny, although I wonder if the April showers came a little early. If so maybe they traded places with the March winds.
With the month ending with warm temperatures is that going out like a lamb? I am so confused.
The wrath of the coronavirus has me really confused. Who is able to think about weather while being self-quarantined at home?
Governor Bill Lee Monday issued a “safer at home” mandate where I learned that those in our profession are considered part of the “essential” work force. I am so proud.
Being older than 60 our family considers us ancient and susceptible to the virus and we are forbidden to leave the house for simple things like toilet paper, bread and milk (if we could even find those items out there among the bare shelves).
These are worrisome times. We just have to play it smart and be diligent to stay away from crowded places and wash our hands often with sudsy hand cleanser.
We will be able to tell our grandchildren how we “walked to work and to church”. Sunday is the only day of the week that we dress up. Somehow worshipping in pjs just doesn’t cut it for us.
Although we miss the fellowship of attending worship services at the building, attending church services from the living room sofa is kinda neat. And lunch is just another short walk to the kitchen and we don’t have to try and beat the other congregations to the food.
I believe that if we are all careful and smart then this virus will pass. It cannot travel on its on… it hitches rides on all of us. If we stay home it will gradually die out.
That is no April fool’s joke.
Lion or lamb? Which one was March?