Closer look at the MCHS Class of 2020 top duo


By Thomas Sellers Jr.

The stage of the Millington Performing Arts Center was decorated with a costumed-made oversized 2020.
But the Millington Central High School Guidance Department led by Georgette Farmer was moments away from announcing and bringing to the platform the most important 20. Friday afternoon in front of parents, administrators, staff and peers, the MCHS Class of 2020 Top 20 Reveal Ceremony was held.
The last two names announced by Candy Harris were Salutatorian Samarra Davis and the 2020 Valedictorian Geoffrey Warberg. Geoffrey joins his older brother Darrell with this achievement, the 2013 Valedictorian.
“I’ve persuaded since the beginning because my brother did it,” Geoffrey acknowledged. “ I’m just happy to be Valedictorian.
“Scholarships, free college, that’s what drove me,” he added. “They are paying me to go to school and that’s what I wanted.”
The school Warberg will be attending this fall is The University of Memphis. Meanwhile the daughter of Zachary and Tonya Davis will be heading up North to the Rochester Institution of Technology to major in Computer Science.
“I think my parents instilled a lot of the drive in me and so basically I didn’t want to pay for college,” Davis said with a smile.
Last year Davis was going about her routine and making good grades, performing in the MCHS Band and being an active student when she learned of her ranking.
“I really wasn’t expecting this,” she said. “Last year I found out my rank and was like, ‘Oh.’ It really feels good to get this and here I am.”
During that same time Warberg was busy compiling great marks on his report card, being a goalie for the Millington Trojan Soccer team and living up to the Warberg name.
“It feels great one to know I did and two to know I could do it,” he concluded. “I’m just happy to be here to represent.”
The Class of 2020 Top 20 are Valedictorian Geoffrey Warberg, Salutatorian Samarra Davis, Historians Ella Vath and Maia Vath, 5. Johnnie Bolgeo, 6. Cassidy Floyd, 7. Francisco Perez-Leyva, 8. Jaila Lurry, 9. Camryn Michael, 10. Natalie Yearwood, 11. Elyana Nichols, 12. Kennedy Lamar, 13. Conor O’Brien, 14. Deana Becerra, 15. Ambrienne Benton, 16. Magdalena Ma Fallorina, 17. Jessica Peterson, 18. Joseph Hawkins, 19. Ariana Hammond-Jones and 20. Trinity Gross.