Perfect Vision: Millington counselor starts Adopt-A-Senior program

The Millington Star Editor Thomas Sellers Jr. mails off the adopt-a-senior card for one of the Class of 2020 members at MCHS.

By Georgette Farmer
We’ve had some interest in hosting a program called “Adopt-A-Senior” where educators and others in the general public adopt a senior and deliver a gift ($20-$25 range) to them. These gifts include things like donuts, decorated cookies, gift cards, snacks, etc. This is a great way to support small local businesses. This has been a successful program in several other cities due to the support the members of the Class of 2020 are getting from adults in their feeder schools and from their local communities.
This program will require the senior to “opt in” to let us know they won’t mind someone delivering to their house.
Thanks again for the support of our graduating class! Take a picture of you delivering your gift or the gift, then tag – Millington Central High School via Facebook: #Class of 2020MCHS If you have any question please email at or call 901-606-225