Racing to feed the need


By Thomas Sellers Jr.

The outcry for help was matched by the outpouring of love April 27 at the dead end portion of Glencoe Road just a few yards away from RaceWay in Millington.
Siblings and owners of RaceWay Ana and Zain Gillani rallied up the community to give back to those in need during the COVID-19/coronavirus crisis.
“My brother and I co-own the Raceway straight up the street and fortunately we’ve been able to be open throughout this entire crisis,” Ana said. “We realized so many people were out of jobs. We wanted to see what we could do to give back.”
The plan of a handing out 500 meals to struggling Millington families brought several car loads directed by the Millington Police Department. Things ran smoothly with dozens of volunteers loading up the boxes and buckets provided by nearby Lowe’s.
“We said we’re going to get meals together for 500 people,” Ana continued. “Then we started talking to other businesses to see who would be willing to help out. Turns out everybody was willing to help out with whatever their resources would allow. Between the members of the community and the businesses leaders, we’re all working together to help everybody out.”
RaceWay located at 8454 Highway 51 North became ground zero for the team gathering together to conduct the giveaway.
Word was spread via social media, traditional media and the Millington Area Chamber of Commerce. The team provided 500 meals starting shortly before 2 p.m. that day. Cars were in line as early as 10 a.m. that Monday.
All those who wanted some assistances with feeding his or her family was an identification with a 38053 zip code and to remain in the vehicle. Food was placed in the trunk by mask-wearing, gloved volunteers.
The event is being organized by Raceway along with the following partners, the UPS Store, Chick-Fil-A, McAlisters Deli, Lowe’s, Patriot Bank, Homer Skelton Ford, Homer Skelton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Zaxby’s, Community Coffee, Domino’s, Pepsi and more.
Each family received six meals with two days worth of food, breakfast featuring oatmeal, two types of lunch with Ramen noodles and dinner of products like chili and rice.
During the giveaway, Zaxby’s provided children with meals and Domino’s handed out pizza and Pepsi products.
“We’re just grateful because we know people go out of their way to come to help us,” Gillani said. “We always appreciate the help we get from the community. This is our way of giving back.”
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“We’re doing this just to help out,” Gillani concluded. “The one thing we are willing to say is be willing to help out and spread out a little love. It would be magical to see everybody do something positive and spread a little love.”