Ordinance amends regulations regarding recreational vehicles


By Bill Short

The Millington Board of Mayor and Aldermen has unanimously passed an ordinance on final reading that amends the Municipal Code regarding the parking and storage of recreational vehicles.
Board members took the action Monday night during their regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Alderman Thomas McGhee and seconded by Alderman Al Bell.
The ordinance was unanimously passed on first reading at the board’s April 13 meeting.
It amends Chapter 5 of Title 13 of the Code, which governs the minimum conditions and responsibilities for maintenance of structures, equipment and exterior property within the city.
The amendment repeals Section 13-502 of Title 13 in its entirety and replaces it with a new section.
City Finance Director John Trusty has said the new ordinance provides two things that the previous ordinance did not.
It adds a definition of “recreational vehicles” to include boats, wave runners, trailers and other vehicles designed for living or camping, and all other similar vehicles or equipment.
“That definition was buried in some of the language,” he has noted. “But it wasn’t defining them as such before.”
Trusty said the other addition prohibits a person or business from parking, storing or permitting the parking or storage of any recreational vehicle in front of any business that is not involved in the sale or leasing of recreational vehicles.
“Other than that,” he has noted, “everything in this portion is consistent with what the old portion of the ordinance was. We’re not changing anything about parking in your private driveway.”
The ordinance states that a person can park or store one boat and boat trailer and one camping trailer or recreational vehicle at his residence. But it cannot be:
(1) in a front yard;
(2) on any residential street in the city; or
(3) used for “living, sleeping or housekeeping purposes.”