Time to ‘Clean Up’


By Jule’ Dunham

Greetings from the World of Real Estate with Julè. Life is Good! Now is the time to get “cleaned up”. Have you come to appreciate your hairdresser during the “Safe-at-Home” quarantine? My haircut was done this week and was a welcomed relief. Be kind to your hairdressers as they have been out of work for a while. Remember to tip them and let them know that you missed their services. Nail salons will be opening soon for those of you who use their services. Please remember to do the same for them as you would your hairdresser and others who provide services for you to have a nicer life.
Mother’s Day must have been great, because Walgreen’s SOLD OUT of Mother’s Day cards at 9 p.m. Saturday. I have never seen that happen before. How wonderful it is that mothers are thought of and appreciated.
Flowers are blooming and the colors are lovely. How are your gardens coming along? Have you made life a little easier for yourself by putting down the weed barrier and mulch in your flower beds? If you have the ability to do so, it is worth the time and effort to do it now so that you do not have to spend as much time in the heat of the summer weeding the flower beds.
If someone has a tip as to how to keep “critters” out of the watermelon patch, I would love it if you would contact me and teach me that bit of information. My 6-year-old granddaughter’s Mother’s Day gift to me is for me to help her plant watermelons. For the past 3 years we have been working in the garden together so that she can learn where food comes from. Some children think that it magically appears in our supermarkets. She has learned to water the plants properly and how to determine when the tomatoes are ready for picking. Last year, the critters ate our watermelons. So, she did not have the pleasure of eating home grown watermelons. I am seeking help with this issue of critters.
For those of you who are renters – if you are having difficulty with your landlord performing maintenance repairs, you may consider getting online and researching the Tennessee Tenant Act. It will explain obligations for both the landlord and tenant. Remember, you do have the responsibility of reporting any maintenance issues right away. This may prevent a small issue from becoming a big issue. Also, it is your responsibility to keep your dwelling clean, including the stove, oven, and refrigerator. Make it a part of your routine kitchen cleaning time and it will remain clean. For those of you with self-cleaning ovens, for goodness sake use it. Follow the owner’s manual or ask your landlord to teach you how to use that fantastic feature. It is very easy to do, especially compared to an oven that does not have that feature. Then it is time to do it manually and it is a lot less fun.
Are you preparing for the summer? Should your A/C not be cooling properly please consider contacting a qualified HVAC technician as soon as possible. The summer is coming quickly, and you do not want to be caught up on the “waiting list” for your A/C to be repaired or replaced.
Have you done the maintenance on your swimming pool? It is almost time to open the pools for that relaxing swim and fun in the sun. Follow the instructions and recommendations for proper pool care for a more enjoyable time.
A project that may pay off for the summer is to build a shade covering for your patio. Just maybe the whole family can pitch in on this one. Even the tiny tots can help with the little tasks like handing you a cool drink. Making them part of such an activity will create a fond memory for both of you.
Please be mindful of the rules and suggestions of restaurants and other public places while we make an effort to get to some type of normalcy. My prayer to all of you is that you stay safe and well.
Should you have a topic you would like addressed, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you for reading my column and have a blessed week.
Here is your local realtor, Julè Dunham, signing off until next week.
Julè Dunham, Affiliate Broker, SRES, RENE. Contact her by phone at 901-828-8471 (cell) or 901-840-1181 (office) or by email to: jule@juledunham.com for an appointment to speak with you, your group or club.
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