Board approves design consultant for Big Creek stream quantification


By Bill Short

The Millington Board of Mayor and Aldermen has unanimously approved a design consultant for a Big Creek stream quantification in support of the Resiliency Project.
Board members took the action during their May 11 regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Alderman Don Lowry and seconded by Alderman Jon Crisp.
After receiving proposals, the city’s Consultant Selection Review Committee recommended that a contract be awarded to Barge Design Solutions Inc. of Memphis.
City Finance Director John Trusty said new regulations adopted by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation require “additional support” before construction can begin on the Resiliency Project.
While noting that the city is replacing the Raleigh-Millington Road Bridge over Big Creek, he said a Stream Quantification Tool Project and survey must be done.
City Manager Ed Haley said TDEC has “marked” five streams that come into Big Creek. 
Because Shelby County is “overseeing” the Resiliency Grant, Trusty said it has arranged to allow Millington’s part of the expenditures for the new bridge to be a significant portion of the city’s required “cost-sharing” for the Resiliency Project.
“We’ve modified the bridge to accommodate part of their design,” he acknowledged. “It’s not just that they’re letting it be used.”
Because Millington can get the required additional work contracted and performed more quickly than the county, Trusty said the city agreed to use $45,000 in its Capital Improvement Fund Budget.
In 2014, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development advertised grant opportunities through its National Disaster Resilience Competition.
Shelby County was one of 67 communities in the nation eligible to apply for the grant and one of 40 that qualified to proceed to the review stages of that opportunity.
In January 2016, the county was notified that it would receive $60 million. The following month, Millington was informed that it would receive $29 million of that grant.
Two months ago, the Millington Municipal Planning Commission approved the Site Plan and Final Plat for the Resiliency Project.
Charles Goforth, planning consultant for the city, has noted that the Site Plan is divided into three areas:
Area 1, which extends from Highway 51 to Raleigh-Millington Road, will be maintained by the city. It will have an amphitheater, stage, restroom building, soccer fields, parking and a disc golf course.
Area 2, which extends from Raleigh-Millington to Singleton Parkway, will be more of a natural recreation area, with wetlands and wildlife observation.
It will include trails, a shelter and a boardwalk in the environmentally sensitive area.
Area 3, extending from Singleton to Sledge Road, will include wetlands and trails and is the primary flood control component of the project.
Haley told the board that bids for construction of Area 1 will be opened on June 1.