Millington on the grow… What’s Developing

Millington Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Terry Roland displays a map of the future Millington.

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Before Coronavirus was on the radar of the conscience of Millington’s leaders, growth and development were the primary concerns.
Members of the Board of Alderman, Industrial Development Board and other entities were excited about several plans of improving infrastructure and future construction in Flag City.
For several meetings in the chambers of Millington City Hall, the plans for Glencoe Way have been discussed. Now more information has come out about the development near the roads of Glencoe Way/Wilkinsville Road and the Shoppes of Millington Farms.
Developer Tom Marsh is planning to build upscale apartments, three hotels and six medical office buildings. In addition, there are plans to construct more than 100,000 square feet of retail and an assisted living facility on more than 100 acres in northern Millington.
The new developments will be east of the Shoppes of Millington Farms which started to come to fruition back in 2016.
The Shoppes of Millington Farms are home to retail like Petco, Lowe’s Ross and Dunham’s Sports.
Earlier this year, Millington Mayor Terry Jones and Millington Area Chamber of Commerce Execute Director Terry Roland told The Millington Star about the tax-increment-financing that will help make the development possible.
The TIF is projected to be a 20-year plan and has already been approved by the city of Millington. The TIF will provide the developer with $15 million for infrastructure improvements.
The project would start with the construction of a $3.3 million road that would connect Veteran’s Parkway and Glencoe Way.
The connection of the roads will open up the land for the apartment project featuring more than 200 units.
DISCOVERY PARK- Where the Veteran’s Memorial is located. Looking to try to construct some walking trails.

USA STADIUM & PARK- To start development in 2020

MILLINGTON SOUTH SPORTS COMPLEX- Baseball/Softball fields under construction. Later parts of the project are bathrooms, concession and lighting.

NEW FIRE STATION ON RALEIGH-MILLINGTON- Under construction, projected completion date is September.

STREETSCAPE PHASE II-A- Navy Road from Church Street west of Highway 51. Seeking TDOT approval to go to construction. PHASE B- In ROW phase and are working with property owners to acquire ROW from Church Street to Veteran’s Parkway.

RESILIENCY PROJECT- Big Creek Flood Control, Highway 51 east to Sledge Road. Shelby County government is managing this project and working with the city. They have completed the NEPA- Design- Environmental and now in the process of acquiring the needed land before the actual construction begins – must be completed by September 2022.

RALEIGH MILLINGTON ROAD BRIDGE PROJECT- ROW, design and environmental has been approved by TDOT and is currently under construction.

INTERSECTION IMPROVMENT AT 385- It has been through the ROW, design and environmental.

BECKHAM SUBDIVISION DEVELOPMENT- Along Wilkinsville Road, 48 lots are now fully constructed, all utilities are in place, lots should be for sale soon and for building permits to be issued.