C is for Consistency: C’s Jewelry reaches the milestone of 55 with traditions established by Sam and Lucille


By Thomas Sellers Jr.

The C could stand for compassion.
The letter C in the longtime Millington business C’s Jewelry and Music located at 8596 Highway 51 North could also mean consistency, competitive pricing and customers first.
Sisters and co-owners Susan Lassiter and Betty Dye have kept the business practices and traditions established by their parents Sam and Lucille Needham June 11, 1965 going strong into a 55th year of operation.
“It feels great to still be going strong because Millington has really grown,” Dye said. “Most of our customers are like family — we know them. We just appreciate them coming and shopping with us. We’re blessed to have them shopping here for years. That’s the best part about it, we know them.
“I wish mom and dad where around and see all of this happening,” she added. “Somebody told us yesterday, ‘I can’t believe y’all still here. If your dad was here now he would be so proud.’ That really warms your heart. He and mom started it back in 1965 and to be able to carry that on we’re thankful. We think sometimes, ‘Dad would do it this way. Dad would have done it that way.’ He gave us the drive.”
The determination of Dye and Lassiter to expand merchandise, have a top jeweler on staff and going the extra mile to get the perfect item for a customer has kept C’s Jewelery a vital part of the new shopping scene in Millington.
Back in 2016, the Shoppes of Millington Farms took off around the firmly established C’s Jewelry. The sisters have witnessed trees transform into a dirt mound into businesses like Buffalo Wild Wings, Huey’s, Petco, Ross and more.
The growth of businesses in Millington started with the foundation from contributors like Massey’s Auto, Millington Cleaners, Boatwright’s, Roland’s, El Toro Taco, Jack Tickle and Jones Orchard.
Back in 1965 the Needhams ventured out by opening Mr. C’s Jewelry at 5427 Navy Road. Sam and Lucille started Mr. C’s Jewelry naming the business from a chain of Chinese restaurant in California. It was the last place Sam served in the Navy after a 20-year career.
Sam came from a humble background growing up poor in Arkansas. He wasn’t able to finish school but begin serving the country in the 1940s.
Sam greeted customers for more than 20 years before handing the daily operations over to his daughters.
Dye and Lassiter overcame doubters as women in business and took the tough verbal lessons from their father to grow C’s Jewelry. Dye said those lectures are the foundation of the growth of C’s Jewelry.
“Anytime you want something specific, we’re willing to search it out,” she said. “When you come in, I’ll automatically ask ‘What is your price range?’ So that we stay within your price range and that really helps our customers.”
Now when you stop by C’s, you will receive service from Lassiter, Dye or Peggy Lujan behind the counter. The women will help you come up with an original, grand gift for that special somebody.
“We’ll go the extra mile to accommodate and give them all we can for the money they’re willing to spend,” Dye said. “Every customer who comes in, whether it’s $10 or $10,000 is very important to us.”
C’s Jewelry is celebrating it’s 55th anniversary currently with customers with a 55% off sale through this weekend. And the women will have Christmas in July all month long.
“We’re going to keep on going,” Dye concluded. “We’re thankful and blessed. We have done every well even with the shutdown. We’ve had customers referred to us, customers who searched us out. I think it’s the personal touch. You can’t get that at a chain store. We know our customers and get to know them.”
For more information on C’s Jewelry & Music, call 872-4270.