Brighton sweeps Millington on hardwood


Posted on December 4, 2015.

GIRLS’ BASKETBALL RECAP: Brighton 50, Millington 30

Maybe the Brighton Lady Cardinals were feeling pretty good entering Friday night’s home against the Millington Lady Trojans. The Lady Cardinals entered the contest with a better record than Millington and above .500 in the process. But after 8 minutes of action, the Lady Trojans were ahead on the Brighton Gymnasium scoreboard 8-3. “I was trying to figure out the same thing,” Brighton Head Coach Tiffany Porter said. “I told them during the first timeout, ‘You guys are putting me to sleep.’ My thing is we have to learn how to start playing from tipoff. We can’t wait until the second quarter or third quarter.” Brighton’s wake-up call came in the second quarter with the Lady Cardinals outscored Millington 18-8 in the period. The Lady Cardinals seized control of the game in the third quarter behind solid defense and solid foul shooting. Brighton eventually prevailed 50-30.

BOYS’ BASKETBALL RECAP: Brighton 75, Millington 66

As the Brighton Cardinals were overcoming an early Millington Trojan advantage, Brighton standout sophomore Taelyr Gatlin took a blow to the head. After falling to the Brighton Gymnasium court, the younger Gatlin was escorted off the floor in a daze by his father/Head Coach Stan Gatlin and a trainer. Taelyr left the court with his team ahead 30-22. The Trojans started to mount a comeback with three-pointers from Cameron Crawford and Kelvin Jones to make the score 30-28. Brighton needed to stop Millington’s momentum. Cardinal guard Colby Butler seized control of his team by running the point. He located teammate Zach Lewis for a three-point play. And Butler’s foul shot kept Brighton ahead 34-31 at the break. “When I went out, I couldn’t really see because I was dizzy,” Taelyr recalled. “He did good plays from what I heard.” Butler kept up the solid play throughout the second half accompanied by teammates Tramaine Cooper, Gatlin and Lewis leading to a 75-66 victory.