Cleared for takeoff


By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Last year the surrounding areas around the Millington Memphis Airport were clearly under construction. Chunks of roads, orange cones and large vehicles were common around the Jetport located at 8182 Hornet Avenue throughout 2019. Now traffic has a direct shot to the Airport from Astoria Avenue driving off of Navy Road. And in front of the Airport now is a new smooth parking lot. Over the past few years under the guidance of Millington Memphis Airport Executive Director Roy Remington, the Millington Memphis Airport has undergone two major projects. The first is the utilities change over from the U.S. Navy. It was a $2.4 million project to take the Airport from Navy provided utilities, sewer, water, electric grid over to municipal provided utilities — City of Millington sewer and City of Millington water and MLGW electric grid. The second project is the $2.2 million renovation of the Barrel Hanger. Which is a 107,000 square-foot building that was left to us by the Navy. For more information, call (901) 872-7495