Greetings from Beckham Place


By Jule’ Dunham

Greetings from the World of Real Estate with Julè. Life is Good!
This week, Tuesday, a member of our community was a special guest at the new subdivision. Our very own, Mrs. Oma Jean Beckham Curlin was honored at the celebration of the new subdivision “Beckham Place” in Millington located off of Wilkinsville Road near Lowe’s area. You may have read about Mrs. Oma Jean in a previous article that Thomas Sellers Jr. several weeks ago. Mrs. Oma Jean Beckham Curlin is a sweet, dear lady and very excited to be a part of our growing community. I am privileged to know her and for her to have come into my life.
Let’s move forward to homebuying. We have covered advantages/disadvantages of owning vs. renting. Now, let us look at finding the right home for you and your family. Determining the needs and desires is the next step. There is much to consider. There are obvious needs such as a sturdy structure, good roof, appliances, modern fixtures, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen.
Where do you want to live? Would you like to live on property with acreage, or in the city, small lot? How far do you want to live from work? Are there any particular features that you would like in your home? What is your budget?
Make a list of your needs and desires. Do you need an area for office work, music, artwork or crafts? Those areas do not necessarily have to be bedrooms. It could be a bonus room or den used as an activity room.
Needs are basic requirements that cannot be ignored or compromised. Desires, however, can be left behind if the situation requires such. Be clear as to the distinction of the two.
Buying a home is not a simple process. Much planning should be done in advance of contacting a real estate agent, however, a good realtor will be happy to help you with the entire process.
If you have pets, considering them will be an important part of your new home. What kind of pets do you have? Birds? Dog(s)? Cat(s)? Chickens (?) Some of these pets will require a fence. You may also need to consider veterinary, grooming, and exercise services.
When considering location consider a safe place, good schools, convenient shopping, seclusion in a wooded area or in a busy city area. Drive neighborhoods that you may consider, to get the feel of the area and speak with residents in the area as they can be a wealth of information. What kind of activities are available for you and your family?
Beckham Place is convenient to everything you need right here in Millington.
Oh yes, remember to change your air conditioner filter. An easy way to remember it is to change it when your utility bill.
Remember: Say Hello. Be Kind. Be Friendly. Embrace Life and all that it really offers. Keep Life Simple. Making good relationships is very important to our mental, emotional and physical health.
Should you have a topic you would like addressed, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you for reading my column and have a blessed week.
Here is your local realtor, Julè Dunham, signing off until next week.
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