Resourceful: MMSD outfits old MCHS band building into the new Family Resource Center


By Thomas Sellers Jr.

The members of the Millington School Board, Cody Childress, Roger Christopher, Mark Coulter, Christopher Denson, Cecilia Haley, Barbara Halliburton and Larry Jackson have served their community in many ways for several years.
With an eye on things and ear to the voices expressing needs, the Board made a decision to rejuvenate a resource just feet away from the Millington Municipal Schools District Central Office. The former Millington Central High School Band Room is currently being transformed into the Millington Municipal Schools Family Resource Center.
During the 2020 Millington Central High School Commencement held May 29, some guests got a sneak peak of the facility presented by Jill Church, Supervisor of Special Education and Student Services.
“This will be open to the community for whatever the community needs,” Church said. “If we have families who need a place to wash their clothes? They can come wash their clothes.
“If they need to come to do a job search or something online, we’ll have computers and a printer set up,” she added. “We’ll have parenting classes. We’ll have classes for parents. We’ll have classes for students after school. If we have students who need a little help on social skills, we can do that as well.”
When MMSD came to be in 2014, a family resource center grant was given. The origin of the facility started in a portable on the campus of E.A. Harrold. A need for a more central and convenient location was expressed.
The structure setting in front of Mooney Boswell Football Stadium became the ideal location. Already Phil LeBlanc, Deea Lester and Tammy Chandler of MMSD have done renovation alongside others. Donations are coming in with a gaming system and now the staff is working on securing a television donation.
The Family Resource Center will also house the district’s social worker and health coordinator. It will be home for the food pantry, house some clothing and a lending library.
“It will be a place to go, so if we have any of our families who have any types of barriers food, employment, safety or health,” Church said, “they need help figuring it out, this is a place they can come and get that support they need.”
A grand opening and open house are down the road. Staff will also be surveying the community to find out additional needs for the facility. The hours will be 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Thursday and from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays.