Margaritas Moving: Commission OKs Site Plan for free-standing Margaritas

Along Highway 51 in Tipton County, there are two free-standing Margaritas locations just like the one recently opened in Munford. In Millington the current location is at 8507 Highway 51 No. 112.

By Bill Short

The Millington Municipal Planning Commission has unanimously approved a Site Plan submitted for construction of a free-standing building designed to house the Margaritas restaurant.
Commission members took the action during their July 20 regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Vice Chairman Brett Morgan and seconded by Leanna Dagen.
The Margaritas restaurant in Millington is currently located at 6542 Highway 51 North. Its new building will be constructed on a 1.26-acre lot in the southeast corner of the intersection of Copper Creek Drive and Creek Mill Road. 
Charles Goforth, planning consultant for the city, said the 6,655-square-foot building will be “pretty much identical” to the one that is in Munford.
It will be west of the Dairy Queen and face the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.
Goforth said the restaurant’s parking lot will “more than exceed” the city’s requirements.
But he noted that the intersection must be “reconstructed” to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. And he said Creek Mill Road will have to be widened “all along the frontage,” with curbs, gutters and sidewalks installed.
Goforth said the building’s color will be similar to the existing one.
He recommended that the commission approve the Site Plan, with the following conditions:
(1) Work with the engineer to resolve details and issues on the engineering plans;
(2) Add a low hedge to the landscaping plans; and
(3) Submit an exterior lighting plan for review by the city staff.
Goforth noted that the exterior of the existing building has lanterns that shine outward.
He said the new building should have lights that shine down on the sidewalk.
He also said the site should have a “specific landscape screen” that includes trees and a low hedge when cars are parked right next to the road.
Goforth acknowledged that other conditions could be added, based on the building elevation.
He noted that the cost of the public improvements will include 6 percent for inflation and a bond of $650 for street lights. The total bond amount will be set at $45,612.
Goforth also said the Board of Mayor and Aldermen will have to approve a contract for the public improvements.