Back with a Bang! Millington Mayhem 7.1

Quenton "Pokerface" Williams

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Professional wrestling in a “mayhem” format was back in Millington Saturday night. Pokerface Events Owner, Quenton “Pokerface” Williams, hosted the Annual Millington Mayhem pro wrestling event in the Tennessee Army National Guard Armory. Several wrestlers and special guest “Downtown Bruno” were in town for Millington Mayhem 7.1 — The Final Hand. The action got rolling at 6:30 and continued until the main event between Pokerface and “All That” Alan Steel for the Flag City Championship. The original Millington Mayhem 7 was scheduled for April 2020. Because of the global pandemic, it was canceled. Saturday marked the return of Pokerface Entertainment to Millington since 2019.