Fund raiser for Quito Community Center


By Walter Bruce Hale

There will be a flea market on Saturday to help raise money to repair the Community Center in Quito. 

The building is in dire need of some major repair.

The building started out as a school house. There are still several who attended the school before going to Munford schools.

The property was obtained by the community around 1965, and the Community Center was built around 1976.

Over the years, the center has hosted many events, including birthday parties, anniversary parties. Bridal and baby showers were held there. Memorial lunches, Boy Scout, Quito Senior’s meeting took place in the center. Pickleball was there every Thursday, along with community lunches, karaoke on the third Saturday of the month. It was and is a low cost rental for those in the community.

The flea market is going to be on the July 17, from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. at 4593 Quito Drummonds Road in Millington. Booths can be rented for $25. 

There will be breakfast and lunch concessions. 

For more information, call Phyllis Semmes at 901-835-2146.