BUCKS in the Park: Oh dear… Millington Chamber earns $30,000 grant for Millington Farmers’ Market


By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Early during the monthly Millington Mayor and Board of Alderman meeting held at City Hall, the Millington Area Chamber of Commerce was on the agenda. 

Represented by Executive Director Terry Roland and Chairman Cary Vaughn, the Chamber was on hand for a special presentation. With an actual check in hand and an oversized one to present to the city’s leaders, months of research and grant writing paid off in $30,000. 

Roland and the staff at the Chamber received a community enhancement grant to improve parks and natural areas in Millington.

“We’re teaming up with the City of Millington to enhance the Millington Farmers’ Market and Veterans Memorial Plaza,” Roland said. “It’s for parking, maybe a gazebo to really fix up the park good so the people can have something. The walking trails too. The city is going to do way more than half of it. But the $30,000 we worked hard for it to get to partner up for Millington.”

During the meeting, only Alderman Don Lowry and Mayor Terry Jones were absent. There to receive the check on behalf of the City of Millington were Vice Mayor and Alderwoman Bethany Huffman, Aldermen Larry Dagen, Mike Caruthers, Thomas McGhee, John Crisp and Al Bell. City Manager Ed Haley was also a part of the presentation. 

The City of Millington dedicated the Veterans Plaza back in the fall of 2019 as symbols of freedom, sacrifice, dedication and pride for all the branches of service. Already showcased at the Plaza are a pair of Mark 37 Torpedoes, more than 100 –year-old Naval anchor and flags representing the branches of the United States military. 

The Veterans Plaza is located in front of the Millington Farmers’ Market. The memorial was constructed to remind us of all the service men and women who have served in the military forces; the Navy, the Marines, the Army, the Air Force, the Coast Guard. 

The Farmers Market opened back in May 2011 after a one-year delay because of the May Day Flood of 2010. The Market celebrated a decade of service to the community recently by hosting the Redemption Fest on June 5. 

Roland noted the grant will be matched by the City and it will go toward improvements for Market and Plaza that will make future events, activities and vending much better for residents and guests. 

“We love Millington and we are working hard to find money to make Millington better,” he concluded.