It’s a New World


By David Peel

New communication, development and technology have changed our world so quickly, I wonder if we can even take it all in?  Let’s take a step back and realize how far we have come.

We now live in a world where the following are not only possible–these are happening today:

1. Consumer contact. A Tesla electric car owner can tweet a message out on Twitter directly to billionaire Elon Musk– the owner of the company–with a suggestion to improve the car’s systems, and Musk himself will interact with the consumer and often adopt the idea. Then the improvement rolls out with days for all car users. In 1933, good luck getting Henry Ford to respond to you. 

2. Payment and Shipping. I can order a car part from the UK and pay online instantly. They can ship it and I will have it within week at my doorstep. A 66-day dangerous sailing voyage in the 1600’s is now 5-6 hours by air. 

3. Military Technology. In 1941, the US still had some canvas-covered biplanes in our military. When the Japanese Armada hit Pearl Harbor with 353 attacking planes, it was devastating. Just a decade or so later, the US had fighter jets that would have flown circles around Japanese Zeros. Relatively soon thereafter, missiles were developed that could have flown over the horizon and sunk the entire attacking Armada without losing a single US servicemember. Currently, the US has drones monitoring its enemies can send an unmanned predator or reaper to attack enemies on the other side of the globe. 

4. Communication. My web developer wants me to start a podcast. We are all communicating in ways that no one could have imagined in my childhood. Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat, LinkedIn and others have essentially reversed what most of us grew up with. Put simply, when I was dating a girl in high school, if I had opened and read her diary, she would be outraged, betrayed and heartbroken. These days, people put their diary out there for the public to see and are outraged, betrayed and heartbroken if they don’t get 1000 “likes.” 

5. Automobiles. The big heavy 1960 cars were actually not safer. Yes, their mass helped but the key factors that cause most injuries and deaths is not the stiffness of the thick, heavy doors. In fact, the crushability of modern cars actually is an advantage to the occupants. The slowing of the forces that contact the passengers is what allows them to survive. Cars are safer during a crash than they have ever been, thanks to crumple zones and airbags. But the real breakthroughs are in avoiding a crash to begin with. Lane departure warnings and automatic breaking are huge. But autonomous driving will be the future in cities. Actually, the interplay between auto drivers and humans will be more of problem than when auto drivers are all that will be allowed in cities. Out here in the country, we will still be able to fire up our old F100’s and sports cars and hear a V8. 

The world is changing fast. What changes are you seeing?

Peel seeks justice for those injured in truck, motorcycle, and car crashes.  He often addresses churches, clubs and groups without charge.  Peel may be reached through wherein other articles may be accessed.