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By Jule’ Dunham

Greetings from the World of Real Estate with Julè. Last week’s article was decluttering and setting goals for a whole new year of adventure. Purging certainly makes you feel not only lighter, but the generosity of your donations has certainly been beneficial to others. That’s a blessing both giver and receiver can enjoy.

Setting goals for yourself is very important. Congratulations to those of you which have set your goals for 2020. Now that your goals are set, have you got a plan of action to achieve those goals? Make your plan as simple as possible so that you are not overwhelmed. Determine exactly what it is going to take to follow through with your plans. Consider cost, space, timetable, time management, etc. Write your plan of action on paper. Yes, paper and keep it in a place that is quite visible to you on a daily basis.

The kitchen is a great place. Review them daily and make any necessary adjustments. Take notes and evaluate your progress on a regular basis.

January has brought some rather frigid temperatures. Remember, this is a great time to sell your home. Here are a few tips for you if your home is listed for sale. A rug at the entry door on the inside of your home can help keep your floors from getting quite so messy. Depending on how concerned you are about your floors you may also consider keeping shoe covers available for potential buyers.

The days are still shorter, and you may want to brighten up the rooms with brighter light bulbs. A 6:00 evening showing during the summer months is great for light both inside and out, however, a 6 o’clock evening showing in the winter months is not so bright. So, those brighter lights will be appreciated. Display some photos of the exterior of your home of the various seasons to show how nice it is in the spring when the flowers are in bloom, green grass and nicely groomed.

Remember to make your home as available as possible for potential buyers to view. While sometimes it may be inconvenient and you do still live there, the main objective is to get your home sold.

Thank you for reading my column and have a blessed week. Should you have any questions or a topic you would like addressed, please feel free to contact me.

Here is your local realtor, Julè Dunham, signing off until next week.

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