NEWS ALERT- Latest information about restaurant closings and procedures during COVID-19

This sign currently posted on the door of the Millington Burger King on Navy Road is a common sight to most customers with coronavirus concerns sweeping the city.

Star Staff Reports

The Millington Area Chamber of Commerce has compiled a list of restaurants in the Millington Area with changes due to Coronavirus. 

FYI: The Taste of Millington 2020 has been postponed at this time.  

Arbys—No Dining in Lobby—Carry out or Drive thru Only.   Hours have not changed. 901-872-1157.
A & J’s Catfish—Hours are the same, to-go orders, Lobby tables are separated.   901-872-3474
Buffalo Wild Wings—Take out food only, no dining in Lobby.  901-872-3800
Chick Fil-A—No dining in Lobby, to-go orders, Curbside service, drive thru (to keep traffic flowing, they ask that you come thru the Lowes side of the entrance.   901-872-1115
Chilis—Dining in Lobby has less tables, To-go orders, No parties over 6 people. 901-872-0555
El Toro Taco—Dining room and drive thru is Open. Monday March 23, they will add curbside service, Drive thru and the Dining Room tables will be separated.   901-872-8226
Hardees—Lobby closes at 7PM, Drive thru at 8PM  901-586-5641
Huey’s –Lobby chairs and barstools -Seating at ½ capacity.   901- 873-5025
Los Pilares— Hours have not changed, Dine-in is open.   901-872-0878
McAllister’s Deli—Closing at 7:30 PM. Lobby seating is at ½ capacity.  To-go orders available.   901-872-1983
Olympic Steak & Pizza—Close 1 hour earlier, less seating capacity, providing gloves at Salad bar and Buffet.   901-872-7766
Pig-n-Whistle—Regular hours, no changes in seating.   901-872-2455
Pop’s Bar & Grill– Breakfast is served all day.  Dine in lobby is open or orders can be curbside delivery or to-go orders.  901-872-0353
Sarah Lees Southern Cooking—The restaurant has closed temporarily during the weekdays due to COVID-19.  Open on Sundays and can provide plate lunches to be delivered curbside if requested, To-go orders can be called in.   901-873-0906
Smokin D’s—Dine-in, Take out, Drive Thru.  Hours are the same. 901-873-4970
Tops Bar-B-Q—Dining seating has changed to seating every other table.  No parties of more than ten people.    The hours are the same, drive thru is open.    901-872-8280
Zaxby’s— Dining area is Closed.  Drive thru is open, online orders can be picked up in Drive Thru.  Hours have not changed.       901-872-0274