A Time for Prayer: Two-day conference makes it debut in Millington over the weekend


By Thomas Sellers Jr.

In the midst of a global pandemic and major protest across the nation, a devoted group came to Millington this past weekend to make a petition.
Hosted by Diane Norwood of Christ Ministries, a two-day conference called One Night with the King was held at the Hampton Inn located at 8838 Highway 51 North.
The special guests invited by Norwood for speeches and words of encouragement were Apostle Jeannette Cornell of Troy, Mo., Minister Brenda Ferguson of Grapevine, Texas, Minister Della Harville, Minister Belinda Guyton of Fayetteville, N.C., Evangelist Rhonda Harris and Millington’s own Charles Ennis, CEO of Patriot Bank.
“The purpose of this convention is the main thing to bring people back into a relationship with God,” Norwood said. “To encourage them in their faith with God during this pandemic. And with everything that has been going down, we want to increase their faith.
“The Enemy has been luring people into fear. What we want to do is encourage them and let them know God is still alive,” she added. “God is still sitting on the throne and there is no weapon against us that shall prosper.”
Coming down from Missouri, Cornell noted around St. Louis number of coronavirus cases are stable. Her church remain open throughout the pandemic giving her a chance to keep members encouraged.
The Friday and Saturday stay in Millington gave Cornell a chance to share that message with a new audience.
“Because what we do with the cleansing is get people healed even through all their emotions,” she said. “Especially right now because people have a lot of fear, a lot of unforgiveness and hate is brewing up in the atmosphere. In different areas, there’s a lot of stuff going on. So we minister the Word and bring the faith and healing a lot of people need from their past and things they’ve been through.”
Cornell said the goal of the One Night with the King Conference was to live up to the theme of “Entering into Greatness.”
“We want them to heal themselves,” she noted. “Start with their personal lives. That’s what this cleansing is all about is healing from the past so they walk into the future for what God wants for them. And walk into love.
“There is hope in Christ for reconciliation, resurrection and healing for the whole man, the spiritual man, the emotional man and the physical man,” Cornell added. “Love is the greatest gift of them all. It covers, heals, protects and preserves.”
Norwood was able to sit back most of the weekend and listen to preaching from her colleagues and friends.
“What we want to do is feed the hearts of the people,” she said. “We want them to know God is still alive and the power of God can still move among us. The scripture says, “As we worship, that it will drive out diseases and sickness from among us.’”
Norwood noted the believers who came through the Hampton Inn doors have to respect the rules of the pandemic but go spread the message that God will heal and deliver us.
She encouraged them to not be afraid and continue to move in the present of God.
“What I want them to take back is to let the people know God is still real and He sits on the throne no matter what happens,” she said. “God is in control. He will heal you and deliver you.
Norwood said the first One Night with the King Conference is where the will of God will be done.
“Mayor Terry Jones has encouraged us to go forward and to bring in prayer,” she concluded. “What we’re doing is laying a foundation for this city in the movement of God. Once we lay down the foundation, I believe the glory of God is going to continue like never before in this city. This is the beginning of something great here in Millington. And the Enemy will be defeated.”
Ferguson, founder and CEO of Creating Flow Inc., has a book available on Amazon called “It’s Too Funny Not to be God.” For more information, contact her at indeedflow@gmail.com