Grand Parents: Leading up to Father’s Day, Millington Healthcare hosts parade


By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Back in May, Mother’s Day served as the backdrop for the first drive-thru parade for the Millington Healthcare Wesley Millington Towers.
June 18, the holiday of Father’s Day inspired the staff and administrations to host another parade for the residents at 5077 Easley Street.
Shortly before 10 a.m., dozens of vehicles started a two lap routine around the facility, then to Easley and a right onto Leroy Boatwright Street and back onto Navy Road before one more greeting from passengers to their loved one.
From a safe distance and with all precautions, residents were stations nearby the motorcade of vehicles. The cars and trucks were filled with family members and friends getting a chance to say “Thank you,” “Miss you,” “Hello,” and “I love you” to their seniors staying in the residential home.
Wesley Millington Towers is located near downtown Millington and has 80 one-bedroom apartments. There is an on-site care manager to assist residents in locating available city, county, and state services to meet their needs.
The need of family was met to the best of ability under the COVID-19 restrictions. Back in April, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s Executive Order 17 was in effect, directing how businesses and people should work to protect people during the epidemic. Visits are now limited just to those involving essential care at nursing homes, retirement homes and long-term care or assisted-living facilities. Implement active screening of residents and healthcare providers for fever and respiratory symptoms.
For more advice from the CDC, visit and search for “coronavirus nursing homes.” The first result from that search leads to their web page titled, “Preparing for COVID-19: Long-term Care Facilities, Nursing Homes.”