Magic Valley Publishing’s growing family


By Dennis Richardson

The Magic Valley Publishing family grew by two more newspapers the first of October and we continue to seek opportunities in Tennessee.
MVP’s focus is community newspapers in Tennessee. That is what we do best.
Oct. 1 MVP added The Dresden Enterprise in Weakley County and The Germantown News in Shelby County.
Both papers have a long history of covering the news in their respective communities.
MVP already operates newspapers in Germantown with the Shelby Sun Times, and with newspapers in Bartlett, Collierville and Millington. So if it is happening in the east part of Shelby County (including parts of Fayette County) or the north part including all of Tipton County then we have you covered.
The Millington Star and The Leader in Covington provide strategic coverage of the news in Tipton County.
MVP’s footprint goes from north to south along the Tennessee River in Humphreys, Perry and Wayne Counties as well as across the river in Benton County. MVP continues west into Carroll, Weakley, Madison, Crockett, Chester and up into Lake County.
That make 12 counties and 17 publications (including 3 free publications)
That’s a lot of publications and communities to cover but we like to make sure that each newspaper is autonomous in it’s editorial coverage. We are intent on covering our communities well.
It isn’t easy to do this because we like to do it right. We want each one of our publications to be the “go to” publication for information in each community. We strongly encourage local readership to submit photos of events and news of what is coming up. Our staff cannot physically be everywhere all the time but we do our best.
We would like to see more wedding and engagement submissions.
Those, like birth announcements, are always free. Send ‘em in! Sports teams are playing all over the place and we encourage those who have access to these types of photos to submit them, too. Be sure to identify the folks in the photos from left to right and let us know a little about what is going on.
Those who are thinking of subscribing should do so. Producing community newspapers is expensive. If we all pull together it will work better. And there will be more LOCAL news. We need your help.
While we care about what is happening on the state and national levels, that news is left for the big city daily papers and television. We strive to keep our community newspapers just about that – community.
Never lose sight of the fact that life is better with a (local) newspaper.