HYPE is back for the holiday season 2020

Ruthie Wilburn

Star Staff Reports

When you give in faith, you show your love, and your love has greatly blessed the HYPE family and its scholarship program for the youth in our local communities. Since its inception in 2016, HYPE has awarded 71 laptops to high school graduates from the Arlington, Bolton, Millington and Rosemark areas.
It is without a doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has made 2020 a year challenges for our students in their living and distance learning situations. This fact is exactly where HYPE has been most impactful in its mission to award laptops to its selected graduates going into their first year of college life.
As we safely celebrate the 2020 holidays, we hope that you will again show your Faith and Love for the HYPE family and participate with a $10 donation that will be entered into a special holiday drawing for a 58” flatscreen, smart TV. Your continued support is so greatly appreciated and will give our graduates the technology needed to further their academic endeavors. Our children are our future. Call Ruthie Wilburn at 901-438-5831 for tickets and other donation options.
Facebook Post
August 23, 2020
Well FB family and friends, this afternoon HYPE awarded it’s 2020 high school graduates with a $500 scholarship.
As you already know HYPE’s purpose is to award laptops with Microsoft Office 365 to selected high school graduates. This year the COVID-19 pandemic created a great need for personal laptops for students and people working from home. This need made it basically impossible to purchase the laptops for our 15 students. But our God made it possible that we could still Bless our students.
HYPE sincerely thanks our students and their parents for being patience with us as we worked with Best Buy and their inventory and policy issues. We also want to thank Pastor Scott and the Greenwood family for allowing us to have our drive-thru ceremony at the church. It is our heartfelt desire to see the young people in our community reach their academic goals and become leaders for the future. We hope that you will participate with HYPE’s scholarship program and make a difference in young lives.
Donations can be mailed to: PO Box 1477, Millington, TN 38083 or on the HYPE website http://hypetn16.org