Relocating Seniors


By Jule’ Dunham

Greetings from the World of Real Estate with Julè. We are seeing more and more often seniors who are relocating. This is a very important topic as there are more of us than you may realize. According to the U. S. Census Report there are 76.4 million baby boomers which make up approximately 27.5% of the United States of America’s population as of 2019.
At some point, there will be some serious housing issues as this population ages. There are several options for us as we age. For instance, relocating to an apartment, retirement community, or aging in place to name a few.
Many seniors are downsizing their residences for a variety of reasons such as: inability to maintain repairs, utility bills, property taxes, home is simply too large, among other reasons. Then, of course, there are people who just want a smaller home to live out their days.
Whether downsizing or relocating, consider the following suggestions which you may find very helpful.
Stay on Task.
Stay on Schedule.
Plan Ahead
Sort and Categorize your items. Make Keep, Donate and Toss bins or bags.
Consider a moving company if friends and family members are not available to assist with your move.
I will elaborate on downsizing and other topics in future articles.
There are those who relocate to apartments simply to eliminate the chores of maintenance of a home and lawn care. I certainly cannot blame them for this decision.
A lifetime of maintaining a home and lawn takes up a great deal of time when we can do something more fun. Why let the kids have all the fun! Retirement communities are becoming more and more popular. These dwellings encourage residents to visit with one another, participate in a variety of activities that are not only provided by management, but created by the residents themselves. When residents visit their local “friends” this helps a great deal with loneliness. Being with other individuals within your age group is important at any age.
Aging in place is very important for much of this population. The familiarity of being in the home where one has resided in for a long time is comforting. Unfortunately, there are times that it is not possible for one to remain in their own home due to health issues or financial issues.
Living with Family. Hmmmm, now there is a controversial topic. It is a privilege caring for a parent including providing a space for them in your very own home. While some families are very close and make room for their parents. there is something to consider here that many times our children do not consider. We, those of us who are approaching this era in our lives, may not want to live in the same house with our children and grandchildren. This is not to say that we do not love and enjoy our time with them. It simply means that we may need our own space just as they may for their growing family.
Making your own decisions is very important and can make for a life worth living. Doing as much as you can for yourself is also very important. Body movement is vital for as long as possible. The benefits of exercise of the body and mind and social interaction is the key to being healthier which can encourage longer independence.
So, if you are considering making a change, please feel free to contact me to explore the possibilities. After all, it is time for us to enjoy this part of our lives.
This is Julè Dunham, your local realtor signing off for now. Have a great week.
Remember: Say Hello. Be Kind. Be Friendly. Embrace Life and all that it really offers. Keep Life Simple. Making good relationships is very important to our mental, emotional and physical health. Pay it forward, you will be glad you did. Should you have a topic you would like addressed, please feel free to contact me.
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