Heroic Action: Luckett gave his life to save younger sister

Benjamin Luckett

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

In the midst of one of the worst snow storms to hit the Memphis area, one community had to rally around a family during a time of loss.
On Valentine’s Day, 10-year-old Benjamin Luckett passed away in a nearly frozen pond in an effort to save his younger sister Abigail. Since the tragic news has spread, family, friends and strangers have offered prayers, support and even money in memory of Benjamin.
According to reports, that Sunday in North Shelby County, brother and sister Benjamin and Abigail Luckett fell into an icy pond near their home. Benjamin died saving his sister from the freezing water. Abigail was taken to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis were here condition improved over the next few days.
According to reports, Benjamin jumped into the pond after his sister. Their other sibling ran back to the house for help during the incident. Firefighters from the Shelby County and Millington Fire departments along with officers from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call Sunday on Brunswick Road just outside of Millington.
The official report on the incident revealed that Shelby County Firefighters responded to a water rescue in the 8000 block of Brunswick Road just east of Millington. Both Benjamin and Abigail went into the icy water. Both children were rushed to the hospital in Memphis and Benjamin was pronounced dead at the emergency room. 
The family’s and Leawood East Baptist Church pastor Stacey Stilgenbauer told the media the siblings were playing near a pond behind their home with another one of their brothers.
Stilgenbauer gave the update that Abigail was taken off a ventilator Feb. 16 and was able to talk to her family.
Stilgenbauer said the family is mourning their loss, but grateful Abigail is recovering. The overwhelming community support started once news broke and continues through fundraising efforts.
Since the accident, the Shelby County Sheriff’s office put out a warning to be careful around frozen ponds, pools, and lakes because the ice is not thick enough to support someone’s body weight.
There is a gofundme at: www.gofundme.com/f/help-the-luckett-family-in-their-time-of-need