Royal Touch: King Seafood brings top-notch offerings to Flag City


By Thomas Sellers Jr.

In the mood for some crab legs or snow crab.
No longer do you have to travel to Memphis or up to Covington. Residents of Millington and South Tipton County have a new option in town with King Seafood. Located at 8025 Highway 51 North, the family-owned business has a wide-ranging menu targeting families.
“We originally had a location in Covington,” King Seafood General Manager Nick Hoang said. “We wanted to expand and reach more people. It’s a bigger town and it’s in our price range at the moment. So we decided to move over to this area.
“I believe that the food will speak for itself,” he added. “We’re not only trying to stay in Millington forever. We want to expand and keep on progressing forward. This is a huge stepping stone in that goal.”
Nick is joined by his partner Austin and the rest of the crew Chuong Mai, Tommy Tran and Andy Hoang. From the front counter to the kitchen, the cohesive unit greets the customer, processes the order and then the food is prepared freshly.
“A lot of people come in here and I know all of them don’t want seafood,” Nick noted. “They want to venture out. The best thing on our menu really is our Crab Meat Seafood Fried Rice if you’re not in the mood for seafood. However I think everything on our seafood menu is delicious. I personally love the King Crab Dinner.”
The crab dinners come with corn, potatoes and even shrimps. A variety of dipping sauces will change the flavors of the seafood items. Hoang noted the ingredients are fresh and the staff at King Seafood will not short the customer on quality and portions.
Hoang said the residents of Millington won’t have to venture to those other seafood restaurants in Memphis for the best seafood in town. “I believe we’re better than them actually.”
But if a customer is looking for a good lunch item or lighter dinner, the fried rice options of Shrimp, Diced Beef and Crab Meat Seafood fried rice are available.
“I do believe our fried rice is different from a traditional Chinese or Japanese place because it’s not as heavy,” Hoang noted. “We believe the soy sauce with our rice is the best way to go. It doesn’t make you feel as sleepy as you do sometimes eating a heavy fried rice.
“We do have wings too if you’re not trying to get rice,” he continued. “We can be more family oriented if you’re not looking for fried rice. I believe the chicken will work for you as well. We do have party wings and four different varieties.”
The chicken wings come in lemon pepper, hot buffalo, honey gold and Cajun seasoned wings. King Seafood has something for everyone including its signature Create-a-Boil. Pick from shrimp to snow crab to mussel. Add your choice of flavor with crispy garlic butter stir, BLove seasoning and Cajun Garlic Butter. The spicy ranges from mild to extra hot.
Side dishes are available with onion rings, French fries or hushpuppies. Hoang said King Seafood can come to your doorstep with DoorDash and DeliveryMe services.
“Millington provides a really safe environment,” Hoang said. “Our location is nice and the people I have encountered have been very nice as well. I think this area is very friendly and you can bring pretty much anyone here.”
Find out more about King Seafood on-line at Facebook/King Seafood Restaurant or call 901-545-5759.
“You should come to King Seafood to experience a flavor that Memphis doesn’t have to offer anywhere else,” Hoang concluded.